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How to Choose in 8 questions

Cloud or Premises

In general, there are a few key questions to consider:

  • The size and location of your  IT staff and resources
  • Your company's need to scale
  • Where you want to put applications
  • How you want to manage expenses – by subscription or by license
  • How your employees can best work with each other and with partners and customers
  • If you have any compliance or regulatory stipulations your company or industry must adhere to

Below are 8 questions that will help you decide the right path to take – to the cloud or onsite. If you find your answers are a little of both, then a hybrid solution may be the answer. Perhaps support some of your locations or serve some of your applications from the cloud and some from your onsite systems at headquarters. Whatever the way, Mitel Connect delivers you the utmost flexibility in how you elect to position your business as well as your people for success.

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