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Bullhorn ATS Integrated with ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Phones

Our CPP for ShoreTel Resellers

Applicant Tracking Integration

Productivity and analytics for staffing

People in the staffing industry live on the phone where conversations generate the information that drives revenue. The repository and management instrument for that information is Bullhorn. Rarely is an incoming call accepted or an outgoing call made without some interaction with Bullhorn. ShoreTel Connect CLOUD for Bullhorn unifies the data and enhances the functionality of both applications.
First and foremost, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD offers a great cloud phone system. To that, add sophisticated integration with Bullhorn and the choice  is clear.

  • Click–to-Dial – Start a call anytime a phone number is available
  • Inbound Screen Pops – Display lead or customer information before the call is answered
  • Automatic Note Taking – Post a call note when you click–to-dial
  • Real Time Analytics – Measure sales, support and operational success

Whether you are in executive search, temporary assignments, contract staffing or a mix, the powerful combination of ShoreTel Connect CLOUD and Bullhorn will help improve your placement rates and your billings. Every call matters to your business.  With ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, you can focus on the phone call, not the phone system.



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