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Case Studies
Boston Ballet keeps productions running smoothly with behind-the-scenes help from ShoreTel, and saves as much as $40,000 Outdated phone system too difficult and expensive to manage The Boston Ballet’s aging phone system offered little flexibility for routing calls, managing...
Boston Globe
Case Studies
Boston Globe reports $1.6 million in savings by switching to ShoreTel Advanced functionality for remote workers and number portability ink the deal The Boston Globe is a multimedia source of news and information. Plagued with an antiquated phone system that was no longer...
Case Studies
Breckenridge ski resort vacation company slaloms to faster TCO with ShoreTel UC, and creates perfect conditions for business communications Expanding ShoreTel from corporate to guest rooms While the corporate offices were already using ShoreTel, Brian Binge, director of...
Buffalo Sabres
Case Studies
The Buffalo Sabres enhance customer service and score a hat trick with ShoreTel conferencing, reporting and mobility New goal: Modern telephony that doesn’t require expensive third-party support The Sabres’ aging telephone system had become increasingly less reliable. It was...
Case Studies
Flexibility and customer service features make ShoreTel Sky music to a recording pioneer’s ears Small staff needs to work remotely Although based in Boston, Cakewalk services customers all over the country. During bad weather and other events, employees did not have the...
CNET Networks
Case Studies
CNET Networks calls on ShoreTel IP to provide cost savings, increased employee productivity, and high quality of service Office consolidation, phone system consolidation CNET was consolidating a number of offices into a single headquarters in San Francisco, which also meant...
Case Studies
Current TV cable network deploys ShoreTel UC and ShoreTel Mobility for cost-effective, anytimeanywhere communications Casting call for system upgrade Current TV decided to re-architect its communications to facilitate extensive and simpler connectivity, reduce costs, and to take...

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