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Case Studies
American Engineering Group (AEG) President Scraps Cisco System for ShoreTel’s Lower TCO Cost of maintaining a Cisco system breaks the bank AEG provides solar products and other industrial technologies. To support its Cisco system required consultants, new servers, and hardware...
Case Studies
Seamless integration, innovative features, and low maintenance made ShoreTel the best choice for Brown and Caldwell. Conferencing scalability beyond WebEx capacity was key Brown and Caldwell is one of the largest engineering firms focused on the U.S. environmental market. With 1...
Case Studies
Innovative feature set, and resiliency post-Hurricane Katrina, made the case for ShoreTel Five separate telephony systems across 16 sites This patchwork of systems was creating more problems than it was solving, and could not provide the efficiencies needed to leverage the...
Case Studies
ICON sets its sights on improving communication ICON sets its sights on improving communication ICON was using a Merlin PBX and Centrex lines. The company decided it was time to take advantage of the leading-edge infrastructure that had been put in place to capitalize on the...

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