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Mitel Voice Forms IVR

ShoreTel Voice Forms IVR


  • Configurable IVR Application that allows callers to fill out “forms” over the phone
  • Application prompts caller with questions and awaits response before proceeding
  • All verbal responses are consolidated into a single voice file which is stored in a designated Mitel VoiceMail box
  • Software only Application loaded onto Mitel Director or DVS servers 


  • Cost effective solution that leverages in place Mitel resources
  • Easily modified and deployed for a variety of purposes
  • Flexible, configurable via XML script files
  • Callers can be presented with a menu of options once the form is complete
  • Options might include starting another form or transferring caller to an operator


  • Subscription Refill Application
  • Callers respond one by one to questions when prompted
  • All answers are consolidated into a single voice file which is stored in a Mitel Voicemail box
  • Administrators later retrieve and fulfill medicine refill requests
  • Product Ordering Application
  • Callers specify product model, billing, and other information
  • Order Administrators later retrieve orders to fulfill

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