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Offers essential contact center features for companies that just need the basics.


Provides a full set of inbound contact center features, such as advanced routing, additional supervisor capabilities and more.


Contact Center Operations

ACD Queues Check Check Routing functionality to ensure calls are routed to the appropriate agent.
Callback Profiles   Check Sets user’s callback profile to show a unique Caller ID.
Custom Queue Announcements & Hold Music   Check Ability to upload unique music and greetings for callers to listen to while they’re waiting in queue.
Queue-based Routing Check Check Ability to route callers to different types of queues.
Queue Priority   Check Systems looks across all queues for the lowest penalty queue.
Ring Strategies: Least Recent, Linear, Longest Idle, Ring All Least Recent Check Determines which agent will receive the next call. Advanced ring strategies include: Least Recent, Linear, Longest Idle and Ring All.
Skills-based Routing   Check Ability to route calls by skills.

Agent Features

Agent Status Check Check Agents can set their status to Online – Queue, Offline or Away so queue logic knows if the agent is available to take calls.
Multi-Queue Login   Check Ability for an agent to be logged into multiple queues at once.
Post-Call Wrap Time Check Check Timeframe for agents to enter notes from a call before accepting the next call.

Supervisor Features

Adherence Reporting Check Check Dashboard widgets can be turned into reports so supervisors can monitor and report on things like performance against queue SLAs and customer satisfaction metrics.
Auto Status Change Check Check Supervisors can set the system so if an agent misses a certain number of queue calls, the system will automatically change the agent’s status.
Dashboard Widgets Check Check Real-time dashboards for Queue stats, Agent Stats, Queue Calls
Historical Reporting Check Check Data is stored in ShoreTel Flex indefinitely to give supervisors access to a variety of data related to calls, queues and agents.
Line State Check Check Supervisor functionality that allows supervisors to see which agents are on a call.
Real-Time Event Feeds Check Check Allows users to subscribe to certain events such agent status change with data delivered via email or preferred method.
Supervisor Listen, Whisper & Barge   Check Gives supervisors the ability to listen to a call secretly, whisper to the agent without the caller knowing or takeover the call.

Business Phone Features

IVR Builder Check Check Drag and drop tool to create simple IVRs from the web UI.
Call Detail Records (CDRs) Check Check Supervisor functionality that allows them to view their agents’ call details - time stamp, duration, direction, call SID, etc.
Call Handling Check Check Ability to set your call handling profile to In Office, Out of Office, In a Meeting and Vacation. Different profiles allows users to set unique Find me/Follow me preferences.
Call Logs / History Check Check List of calls that were made, received and/or missed.
Call Recording Check Check Allows for all inbound and outbound calls to be recorded, per extension, and retrieved/downloaded from the CDR table.
Conference Calling (3-way) Check Check Ability to merge 3 lines into one call.
Custom Call Directory Check Check Ability to add contacts to other devices such as our softphone or mobile app.
DIDs Check Check Direct Inward Dialing. The ability to receive PSTN calls from outside lines to a direct number.
Do Not Disturb Check Check Users can put themselves into DND mode so their phone doesn’t ring.
IVR - Advanced add'l implementation fee add'l implementation fee Choose from one of our advanced IVR packages to place web service calls, dial-by-name and support time of day routing.
Extension Dialing & Transfers Check Check Ability to dial and transfer calls by extension.
Message Waiting Indicator Check Check Visual indicator that alerts users of a new voicemail message.
Number Portability Check Check Ability to port numbers to or away from ShoreTel to a different provider.
Ring Groups Check Check Set of lines that ring at once.
ShoreTel Flex Portal Check Check ShoreTel Flex provides individual users as well as phone systems administrators the access they need to configure and manage their system, set preferences and monitor activity through this simple, easy-to-use web interface
Toll-free Numbers Check Check Toll free numbers let customers call you free of charge to them to make sure you always can be reached. Vanity toll free numbers let you brand your phone number
Voicemail / Voicemail-to-Email Check Check Standard voicemail functionality with the option to have voicemails sent to a user’s email as an mp3.


ShoreTel Flex Client App (softphone) Check Check Free desktop application that allows users to place and accept calls, change their call handling, access contacts, view recent and missed calls, plus listen and delete voicemails.
ShoreTel Flex Mobile App Check Check Free iPhone mobile app. Delivers a consistent experience across devices and offers similar functionality as our softphone.

Third Party Integrations

Development Tools Check Check Our development tools offer robust customization options for the ShoreTel Flex Contact Center solution and allow you to build custom apps unique to your business.
Integrate Third-Party Data to Dashboard Widgets   Check Integrate third-party data to our dashboard widgets using our real-time event feeds and open APIs.
Open APIs Check Check ShoreTel Flex can be configured to integrate with core applications like the CRM, ERP or ATS.
Salesforce Managed Package Integration $10 / user / month Check ShoreTel Flex's native integration with Salesforce supports click-to-dial, screen pops, data sync, wrap notes and more.
SMS Check Check Build custom SMS apps to enhance your customer experience with proactive notifications and self-service options.


Call Directory Check Check Make calls to your ShoreTel Flex directory or iPhone contacts without using carrier minutes.
Caller ID Check Check Show your ShoreTel Flex business caller ID when you place calls.
Extension Dialing Check Check Use extension dialing to reach coworkers quickly.
Voicemail Check Check Easily keep personal and business voicemails separate.
Call History Check Check Recent call history including call time, data, and duration, and immediately return a missed call.
Transfer & Merge Check Check Transfer a call or merge two existing calls to start a conference call.
Call Handling (Find Me, Follow Me) Check Check Set your call handling profile, such as In Office or In a Meeting, and automatically sync it across all of your devices.
Supervisor Dashboards Check Check Queue stats, Agent Stats, Queue Calls.

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