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ShoreTel Innovation Network Overview

ShoreTel Innovation Network Overview

A growing community of technology companies, the members of the Innovation Network leverage ShoreTel's open architecture to develop hardware, software, and services that extend the capabilities of ShoreTel's unified communications and enterprise contact center solutions.

The Innovation Network serves members and customers alike:
  • Network members benefit from co-marketing activities that drive exposure of their value-added software, hardware, and service solutions, and introduce them to ShoreTel's expansive distribution network.
  • Customers and resellers are able to leverage productivity-enhancing business intelligence, voice automation, performance management, and other specialized applications developed by best-in-class technology providers who share ShoreTel's commitment to customer satisfaction.
Become an Innovation Network Member

The ShoreTel Innovation Network provides market and innovation leaders with the opportunity to develop, validate, and document your product's interoperability with ShoreTel's UC solution. Additionally, it provides a unique way to introduce your company to ShoreTel's array of Reseller Partners and end-user customers.
The Innovation Network offers two levels of membership: Foundation and Alliance.

The Foundation Level provides third parties, including customers, resellers, and application developers, with access to the tools and information needed to integrate with ShoreTel. Foundation level benefits include:

  •  Access to external interconnect and application programming interface specifications
  •  Sample applications
  •  Software development toolsets
  •  Detailed documentation
  •  Innovation Network Forum participation
  •  Ability to purchase one-on-one consultation time with a ShoreTel developer engineer 

At the Network Alliance Level, ShoreTel works with technology partners to validate the interoperability of the combined solutions.  Members who maintain their level of validation within the program are entitled to many benefits that will afford them greater visibility within ShoreTel’s sales, marketing, reseller, and customer communities.

ShoreTel is committed to an open product architecture and to enabling interoperability and integration with best-of-breed partnered solutions that deliver extended value to our mutual customers.

There are two types of validated solutions at the Alliance level: Member Validated and ShoreTel Validated Solutions.

  • Member Validated Solutions: Products that have been validated and documented to work with ShoreTel’s solutions, however they were tested outside of the ShoreTel Innovation Network lab by the member themselves, will be deemed as Member Validated. Primary support for the solution, as outlined in the app note, is the responsibility of the Member.
  • ShoreTel Validated Solutions: Solutions that have been tested and documented by ShoreTel’s Innovation Network and the member company’s engineers will be deemed as ShoreTel Validated. This level is by invitation only.
Benefits at the Alliance level include:
  • Authorized usage of the ShoreTel Innovation Network logo
  • Exposure within ShoreTel’s Innovation Network Catalog
  • Configuration guides and application notes
  • Exposure to ShoreTel’s reseller and distributor community
  • An escalation path for each company’s Support organization

For more information on the requirements and benefits of membership at all levels, please refer to the Innovation Network Program Guide.