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Reseller Partners


Today, customers rely more than ever on the expertise of resellers and solutions providers to deliver the most reliable, value-added IP-PBX deployments for enterprises. With that in mind, ShoreTel is one of the only IP phone system manufacturers in the industry to deliver 100 percent of our business through the channel.
Our innovative Champion Partner Program is designed to help your business succeed whether you primarily sell ShoreTel products, offer infrastructure support, or do both. The tiers of our program — Authorized, Silver, Gold, and Platinum — are structured to offer you the right set of benefits based on the way you want to do business with ShoreTel, not the other way around.


High win rates

Champion Partners increase sales with prospects who see live demos of ShoreTel UC systems.

Profitable margins

Reasonable investments help to deliver high returns and provide protection through managed reseller coverage.

Satisfied customers

ShoreTel is committed to a world-class customer service score of 90+. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers, and to recommend others.

Customized support and benefits 

The three tiers of Champion Program offer you the just-right support to deliver world-class UC solutions, and deliver benefits that meet all of your business needs.

Why Partner with ShoreTel?

It works for you

When you partner with us, you do more than simply add another voice offering to your existing portfolio. Our innovation extends beyond technology to include how we bundle and package products and services.

  • Features are priced and packaged to allow partners to maximize margins on new sales, as well as on every add, change, or move. 
  • We structure maintenance to benefit and complement that of our partners. 
  • Simplicity is built into every step of the sales cycle, from architecting systems, to creating quotes, to placing and tracking orders.
It works for your customers

ShoreTel IP telephony systems with fully integrated unified communications play well with your customers' existing enterprise applications. Our superior legacy PBX integration and data network-independent solution deliver a cost-effective, smooth migration path, regardless of existing voice and data networks.

The ShoreTel Difference

Offers You More
  • Innovative, competitive solution differentiates your business
  • Low-density channel with aggressive margins protected via managed reseller coverage 
  • Excellent system to target multisite opportunities, legacy PBXs, and voicemail systems
Delivers More
  • Award-winning, technologically advanced solution that is built for IP 
  • Distributed computing architecture with no single point of failure
  • Architecture, IP phone, and PSTN failover combine to deliver 99.999 percent (five-nines) reliability
  • Industry-leading management, ease of use, and installation
Satisfies Customers
  • High conversions: 75 percent sales closure rate for customers evaluating ShoreTel systems
  • Highest satisfaction ratings in comparison to other manufacturers across the board: for technology, ease of use, management, customer service, solution experience, product features, and performance