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Shoreline Communications Selects Viola Networks for VoIP Assessment Tools

Viola Networks' NetAlly(R) VoIP to Deliver VoIP Pre-Assessment and Troubleshooting Systems for Shoreline, its Resellers and its Customers
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SOMERSET, NJ August 25, 2003 - Viola Networks, a provider of IP network performance assurance and assessment software, and Shoreline Communications Inc., the specialist in enterprise IP voice systems, announced today that Shoreline has selected Viola as the VoIP assessment and troubleshooting partner of choice for Shoreline, its resellers and its clients. Viola's NetAlly VoIP system provides one comprehensive tool for pre-service network readiness assessment, and on-demand network troubleshooting, as required by Voice over IP (VoIP) real-time applications.

NetAlly VoIP is unique in the marketplace as a single software system that addresses the entire VoIP assessment lifecycle. It includes a highly automated network assessment interface that quickly determines the maximum number of IP Telephony calls that can be sustained while maintaining toll-quality voice quality. The product generates presentation-ready formal assessment reports and includes a complete set of network and application tests used for rapid real-time diagnostics.

Shoreline will exclusively use Viola's products to deliver professional services to its resellers and their Shoreline customers, initially with field-portable systems on laptop PCs, growing over time to include a centralized in-house system allowing 100% remote assessments and diagnostics by multiple concurrent local and remote users. The partnership provides preferred pricing and support services by Viola for Shoreline's authorized resellers and their customers.

"Viola Networks was a clear choice for Shoreline as a partner," said Terry Hartsfield, vice president Customer Advocacy, Shoreline. "Not only does NetAlly VoIP best meet Shoreline's needs as an in-house tool upon which we will base our enhanced services portfolio, Viola demonstrated an understanding of the success criteria for a mutual-benefit partnership which adds value for our resellers and customers."

NetAlly's VoIP simplified deployment using web-based Agents, ability to work in real-world networks that include firewalls, and remotely controllable operation enable support of more VoIP projects with fewer technicians. Leveraging of existing personnel can substantially boost the overall profitability of VoIP practices. "NetAlly VoIP gets you to a quality result faster and with fewer headaches," declares the national engineering director of a major VoIP integrator and Viola user. "That makes it absolutely strategic to our VoIP business."

"Viola Networks develops solutions that comprehensively address the technical needs of an organization," said John Rooney, president of Viola Networks Inc. "But that's not where we stop. We understand that a major challenge for VoIP equipment manufacturers lies in their ability to equip integration partners and customers with the tools necessary for smooth VoIP implementations, and we recognize that this goes beyond product features and functions. By partnering with Viola, Shoreline is offering their reseller partners and customers a VoIP solution that helps to address their business requirements throughout the lifecycle of their IP PBX systems."

About Shoreline Communications

Shoreline Communications, Inc., is the specialist in enterprise IP voice systems. Thousands of enthusiastic users are taking advantage of the company's award-winning distributed IP PBX technology, leveraging expertise and resources across multiple sites to improve customer service, increase employee productivity and lower operational costs. Shoreline has a select group of channel partners that provide top-notch service and support. For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE.

About Viola Networks

Viola Networks supplies network performance tools to enterprises, integrators and service providers internationally. Viola's comprehensive product line allows service providers, systems integrators and enterprises to ensure that IP networks are ready to support real-time converged applications throughout the entire product lifecycle - from pre-deployment through daily operations. Founded in 1998, Viola Networks is a privately held company, with offices in New Jersey, Canada and Israel. For further information, please visit

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