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Shoreline Award-Winning IP Phone System Empowers Businesses with New Applications and Easier VoIP Migration

New Capabilities Deliver Increased Collaboration Capabilities
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SUNNYVALE, CA, June 2, 2003 - Shoreline Communications, a pioneer in the development of multi-site IP PBX systems, today announced significant enhancements to its award-winning Shoreline4 IP phone system that deliver increased collaboration capabilities. Shoreline4.2 introduces ShoreConvergedConference, making Shoreline the first to integrate converged conferencing into an IP PBX. (Please see the ShoreConvergedConference press release for more information about this powerful new conferencing platform that integrates voice and data collaboration into the company's IP phone system.) Shoreline4.2 also includes additional voicemail resiliency, expanded unified messaging and tighter legacy-PBX integration.

"With ShoreConvergedConference and the additional phone system enhancements, Shoreline continues to break down the barriers to business communication and bring the power of instant voice and data collaboration to more business processes," said Thomas T. van Overbeek, Shoreline president and CEO. "The result is improved customer service, increased employee productivity and lower operating costs."

More Resilient Voicemail

An estimated 75% of all business calls end up in voicemail, so a resilient and flexible voicemail system is a critical asset. Recognizing this, the Shoreline IP phone system was designed with integrated voicemail that shares the IP PBX's distributed architecture and continues to set trends. Shoreline4.2 includes a high-availability deployment option for voicemail.

Geographically dispersed businesses with voicemail-heavy environments can now configure highly available voicemail systems that are tolerant of WAN outages. Up to 20 ShoreWare Remote Servers can be installed at different sites, and will continue to provide full voicemail and auto-attendant features to individual locations that are temporarily cut off when WAN links go down. People calling in to a remote site will get exactly the same experience they received when they were interfacing with a central voicemail server.

"Shoreline is known for its distributed architecture and phone system reliability," said van Overbeek. "This new release raises our voicemail to the same high standards of reliability that our customers have come to expect."

Expanded Unified Messaging

The new version of Shoreline4 also offers expanded unified messaging features for businesses that don't use Microsoft e-mail. Shoreline4 can be configured to provide notification of new voicemail messages via the industry-standard SMTP protocol, so they show up in the inboxes of any e-mail system that supports SMTP. This includes public e-mail platforms employees may want to use when traveling or otherwise out of the office. The actual voicemail messages can be attached to the e-mail notifications as WAV files if the users wish.

New Legacy Integration Options

Sites still served by legacy voice switches can get access to Shoreline's least-cost routing and toll bypass via a PRI tie line to a remote ShoreGear switch. New support for tandem trunking and network-side PRI connections provides additional migration options for companies that are moving gradually to VoIP. If the PRI connection supports NI-2 signaling, the legacy site can receive names as well as numbers from Caller ID, and benefit from name-based dialing for both inbound and outbound calls.

Pricing and Availability

Shoreline4.2 will be available this month through Shoreline's channel partners. Per-user pricing ranges from $500 to $700, including phones. (See the ShoreConvergedConference release for pricing and availability of converged conferencing capabilities.)

About Shoreline Communications

Shoreline Communications, Inc., provides next-generation voice systems that are IP Phone Systems by Design. Thousands of enthusiastic users are taking advantage of the company's award-winning distributed IP PBX technology, leveraging expertise and resources across multiple sites to improve customer service, increase employee productivity and lower operational costs. Shoreline has a select group of channel partners that provide top-notch service and support.  For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE.

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