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Bay Federal Credit Union Adopts Shoreline IP PBX System

VoIP Technology Creates Single, Seamless Phone System Across Seven Locations in Santa Cruz County
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SUNNYVALE, CA, October 2, 2002 - Bay Federal Credit Union of Santa Cruz, Calif., has adopted VoIP technology from Shoreline Communications, Inc., creating a single seamless telephone system across all of its offices.

Shoreline's IP PBX system, installed earlier this year, handles all telephone and voice-mail functions for approximately 150 users at Bay Federal's seven sites in Santa Cruz County. The equipment replaced a legacy PBX (private branch exchange) system that Bay Federal had used since 1995.

Blaine Pack, chief technology officer at Bay Federal, said the company went with Shoreline's IP PBX system because "traditional PBXs weren't designed to be distributed over multiple sites – as we expanded, we would have had to purchase distinct systems for all our offices. With Shoreline a new office can be added easily to the existing system, with one server handling voice mail and administrative functions for all our sites. This approach will save us an appreciable amount of time and money.

"With Shoreline, you're free from the tyranny of the vendor," added Pack, who estimates that Bay Federal has saved thousands of dollars this year alone in fees charged by its former PBX vendor for routine adds, moves and changes. "With our old PBX, every time we made the slightest change, such as adding an extension for a new hire, there was a $200 fee. Now our IT staff can make these changes themselves using Shoreline's browser-based Call Director software."

Bay Federal employees use Shoreline's Personal Call Manager software, which provides an intuitive point-and-click interface right on the user's PC screen, to visually manage calls – for example, transferring calls, setting up multi-site conferencing or searching directories in Microsoft Outlook.

"Typically when you walk into a company," Pack said, "you can see right away that either employees know how to transfer a call, or they stand up and yell to each other over the cubicle walls. With our old PBX system, employees yelled over the walls – the system just wasn't intuitive. Maybe two people knew how to use all the features. With Shoreline, it's all in software on your screen so you can actually see what's happening to your call. Now everyone knows how to use all the features."

About Bay Federal Credit Union

Bay Federal Credit Union, a member-owned financial cooperative founded in 1957 as the Santa Cruz Teachers' Federal Credit Union, today has assets of more than $290 million and 42,000 members. Its goals are to offer higher savings yields, lower loan rates and more low- or no-cost services than banks. With five branch offices throughout Santa Cruz County, Bay Federal offers savings and checking, auto and real estate loans, Internet banking, credit cards, ATM and check cards. For more information about Bay Federal, visit the website at

About Shoreline Communications

Shoreline Communications Inc. has been shipping IP phone systems since October 1998, with more than 71,000 IP voice stations installed. The award-winning Shoreline IP Voice Communications System is a platform based on Shoreline's Distributed Internet Voice Architecture, designed to meet enterprise requirements for scalability, reliability, and manageability. In addition, the Shoreline system provides both a rich set of integrated voice services as well as standards-based interfaces to 3 rd party voice applications that enhance personal and organizational productivity. For more information, visit or call 1-877-80SHORE.

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