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Don Joos

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mike Healy

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Mark Roberts Mark Roberts

Chief Marketing Officer

Rick Parkinson Rick Parkinson

Chief Information Officer


David Petts David Petts

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales

Eugenia Corrales

Eugenia Corrales

Senior Vice President of Product


Bharath Oruganti Bharath Oruganti

Senior Vice President Of Services & Operations

Allen Seto Allen Seto

Vice President And General Counsel


Katherine Mancuso Katherine Mancuso 

Vice President Of Human Resources

Sam Koury Sam Koury

Vice President Of Americas


Adrian Hipkiss Adrian Hipkiss

Vice President And Managing Director EMEA

Frédéric Gillant

Frédéric Gillant

Vice President And Managing Director Of Asia Pacific