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ShoreTel Mobility
January 15, 2016
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
It's common for organizations to phase their mobility solutions rollouts. But determining who should get access to mobility first is always a challenge, especially in organizations with hundreds of employees. While a thorough study looking at employee needs, processes and applications is the usual...
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Categories: Mobility
ShoreTel Mobility Staffing Agencies
December 07, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
With the labor market continuing to heat up – the unemployment rate was down to 5 percent in November – recruiters and HR specialists expect the competition for talent to be tough in 2016. For the first time in several years, candidates already have the upper hand in employment conversations, and...
Categories: Mobility
ShoreTel Mobility Award
September 03, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
As today's workforce continues to embrace the anytime, anywhere worker, mobile communications have been key to a company's success. With ShoreTel Mobility , organizations can extend unified communications (UC) applications to smartphones and tablets so workers can achieve maximum productivity...
Categories: Awards, Blog, Mobility
May 11, 2015
Written by Robert Pleasant, Product Marketing Associate
The Apple Watch is here, bringing with it a slew of apps available on the wrist. Like the iPhone, there's an entire app ecosystem available for the Apple Watch for personal and business use. We've outlined some of the top business apps available now on the Apple Watch that will help you get more...
April 24, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
With the Apple Watch about to land on millions of wrists, there have been questions around if the Apple Watch will fit into a business environment and become an additional BYOD component. The answer is yes. ShoreTel has recognized the development of the Apple Watch as an opportunity to expand...
Categories: Blog, Enterprise Mobility
March 07, 2013
Written by Brian Klansky, Senior Director of Business Development-Major Channels
When I saw the new BlackBerry, I missed my old one. I missed how easy it made email, just when that was starting to really matter to me. I watched the recent launch and saw them do what they always do - release a great technical product that speaks well to the needs of their target audience - the...
Categories: Market Perspective
March 05, 2013
Written by Jack McCarthy, Content Manager
ipad_iphone_on_white.jpg ShoreTel has announced two releases - ShoreTel Mobility 6 and ShoreTel Conferencing - which turn the Apple iPad into a business communications tool, enabling collaboration capabilities, increased accessibility and improved communications. ShoreTel Mobility 6 allows multi-...
Categories: Enterprise Mobility
February 07, 2013
Written by Bernard Gutnick, Senior Director, Product Marketing
It may be freezing and cloudy in Toronto, but cloud is certainly the top topic at this conference. KYA originated after Nortel went bankrupt and has now focused on having attendees learn about the alternatives between on-premise and cloud solutions. Kevin Gavin , ShoreTel CMO, hit the stage as a...
Categories: Event
February 07, 2013
Written by Gina Jacobs, Senior Director of Marketing Communications
Another win for ShoreTel! Our ShoreTel Mobility solution, for on-premise IP-PBX solutions or for our cloud-based solution is a winner for end-users, business managers and IT pros alike. We make being on the move productive by putting the UC tools knowledge workers need on the mobile device of their...
Categories: Awards
January 29, 2013
Written by Clinton Fitch, Practice Manager of Advanced Applications - EMEA
I am a digital nomad. In the three years that I have been part of the ShoreTel team, I’ve learned and thrived in my nomadic work style. Traveling from state-to-state and now country-to-country (in case you missed the memo, I live in the United Kingdom now), living off of cafe and hotel Wi-Fi as I...


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