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man videoconferencing
January 05, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager, ShoreTel
Thanks to the nature of work in the digital age, there’s a good chance you’re reading this in your home office, at the airport or while working in your local coffee shop. As technology continues to untether us from the traditional desk and office, working remotely has become increasingly common. In...
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3 Strategies to Help SMBs Erase the Enterprise Advantage
March 18, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
Most small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—commonly defined by industry analysts as companies with fewer than 1000 employees—don’t have the deep pockets of larger enterprises. But thanks to cloud technologies, they can now better compete on a global basis with larger enterprises. One new...
ShoreTel Unified Communications Chervon China
January 08, 2016
Written by Joe Tam, Area Sales Manager, North Asia
Helping Chinese companies to cut the cost of doing business in international markets The Canadian communications philosopher Marshall McLuhan was spot on when he coined the term Global Village and predicted the virtual elimination of geography. Yet a result of this Global Village is the challenge...
Traveling with ShoreTel Connect
December 09, 2015
Written by Clinton Fitch, Senior Alliances Manager
I travel a lot. My fellow ShoreTel employees and partners, who I have worked with for six years, know my motto: If I’m not at home, I’m on a plane. During my career of traveling well over two million miles across the globe, I’ve observed a lot of interesting technical challenges for those traveling...
ShoreTel Connect Mobility
December 01, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
For a wide range of businesses, the holidays also mark the busy season, when many will book the largest share of their annual revenue. Yet they face a conundrum: Just as demand for their products reaches a crescendo, a significant portion of their workforce heads out the door to celebrate with...
ShoreTel Connect ONSITE Kids Plus Pediatrics
November 19, 2015
Written by Lionel Tran, Global Customer Advocacy and Reference Programs Manager
Good communication is at the heart of every doctor-patient relationship. It’s also the lifeblood of busy healthcare practices – especially when they’re growing across several locations. Kids Plus Pediatrics, with three locations and nearly 100 employees, initially began the search for a phone...
ShoreTel Healthcare Unified Communications
November 18, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
Good healthcare outcomes rely on the ability of physicians and their teams to communicate patient information quickly and accurately. All too often, though, the process is littered with obstacles. For example, outdated equipment may fail or be incapable of connecting to essential patient...
ShoreTel Sales
November 12, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
The sales process has become a competitive differentiator. According to the CSO Insights 2015 Sales Performance Optimization Study , businesses that improve how they sell can expect to achieve a 31 percent increase in win rates of forecast deals and a 21 percent increase in the percentage of sales...
ShoreTel Small Business Unified Communications
November 10, 2015
Written by Katie Maller, Communications Manager
Small businesses have generally been optimistic about the economy during 2015. In a study released earlier this year by Wasp Barcode Technologies , 57% of respondents expected to experience revenue growth in the coming months. They also predicted that hiring new employees and increasing profit...
ShoreTel Boston Red Sox Baseball
October 05, 2015
Written by Katie Maller, Communications Manager
Boston is passionate about a lot of things, but few of them are as storied as the Boston Red Sox. Soon, Red Sox Nation will find it even easier to connect with the team, thanks to a new ShoreTel phone system that will be fully installed by the start of the 2016 season. The team will field ShoreTel’...
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