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November 11, 2013
Written by Katie Maller, Communications Manager
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Categories: Awards, Channel Partners
April 15, 2013
Written by Jack McCarthy, Content Manager
As IP-based systems and networks get cheaper, faster and more conducive to innovation, they continue to gain ground as businesses choose them in favor of legacy TDM systems, according to a new study by the Aberdeen Group. And although IP-based systems have been available for about eight years,...
Categories: IP Phone Systems
April 09, 2013
Written by ShoreTel, Brilliantly Simple
A ShoreTel Unified Communications system is a boon for financial institutions of all sizes and structures looking to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and retain customers by providing quality service. ShoreTel’s financial customers include First Security Bank, MinnWest Bank, Colonial...
Categories: Customer Experiences
March 04, 2013
Written by Liz Pedro, Customer Programs Manager
Whether you work in a large or small healthcare company, one thing is sure - the patient is your top priority. Therefore you need a unified communications system that supports your patient-first vision. ShoreTel helps hundreds of healthcare organizations around the globe address their communication...
Categories: Customer Experiences
February 07, 2013
Written by Kevin Gavin, CMO
Dave Michels is a telecom industry analyst/journalist whose commentary I enjoy following. Dave is never one to shy way from the controversial opinion but he always does his research and stays fact based. His recent post on UC Strategies focuses on Net Promoter Score (NPS) does a good job of...
Categories: Customer Experiences
November 06, 2012
Written by ShoreTel, Brilliantly Simple
Our NPS Survey Program has reached its first anniversary (July, 2012). The customer responses are showing that our program is strong and reliable. The New Partner Year (October 2011-September 2012) ended with the Partner’s and ShoreTel’s NPS at 62. Considering a World Class NPS is 50, this is an...
Categories: Channel Partners
August 01, 2012
Written by Bharath Oruganti, Senior Director, Technical Services
Building on Don's blog post from Monday where he detailed ShoreTel’s success in the first year of our Net Promoter Score (NPS) program , I thought I should step back and explain what NPS is and, more importantly, why it matters. Why NPS? Customer feedback is the secret sauce that helps every...
Categories: Customer Experiences
June 27, 2012
Written by Terri Thomas, Senior Director of Customer Care
ShoreTel and our resellers work hard to ensure our customers are the most satisfied in the industry. Our focus on satisfaction is a core value and has moved us into world-class territory, which consistently exceeding industry metrics. Part of this success can be attributed to best practices. And I...
Categories: Customer Experiences
September 27, 2011
Written by Bernard Gutnick, Senior Director, Product Marketing
Have you ever considered buying a product, and went on a website to read the reviews from other customers? It's really a valuable way to hear feedback from others using the same solutions. Can you imagine if you could get 8,000 people together to share their view on unified communications solutions...
July 22, 2011
Written by Tom Hamilton, Senior Director of Worldwide Channel Marketing & Development
This year’s ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference has been our biggest to date. We were thrilled to welcome over 250 partner companies. We are a 100 percent indirect company; we do not sell direct. We do not compete with our partners. It’s not just what we do at ShoreTel, it’s what we do together...
Categories: Awards, Event

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