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7 Contact Center Personalities & How to Help Them Thrive
May 25, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
When it comes down to it, customer service is all about people… not only those who your business serves, but those who deliver the service as well. And while it’s important to understand your customer, it’s equally important to understand your staff and what motivates them. Because once you know...
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ShoreTel CEO Don Joos Throws Out First Pitch at Miller Park
May 20, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
ShoreTel's in the Big Leagues! As CEO, Don Joos is ShoreTel’s number one pitchman. But on May 19, Don stepped his game up a notch as he threw out the first pitch to one of the company’s newest customers – the Milwaukee Brewers -- at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Take a look: Don’s major league pitching...
Kathy Erbes-Mrsny
May 02, 2016
Written by Lionel Tran, Global Customer Advocacy and Reference Programs Manager
We're pleased to introduce and congratulate our ShoreTel Fan-of-the-Month for May 2016 -- Kathy Erbes-Mrsny, customer care manager at Cantaloupe Systems. The company's deployment included the hosted ShoreTel Sky VoIP system, ShoreTel Contact Center, IP 400 series phones, remote management...
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ShoreTel Milennial collaboration
January 12, 2016
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
The Millennial generation will soon dominate the workplace. In turn, that’s sure to mean its spending power will rise. Indeed, Accenture predicts that Gen Y will spend $1.4 trillion, representing 30% of total retail sales, by 2020. That, the firm says, means that businesses who want to capture a...
ShoreTel Connect Contact Center
November 23, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
The official black Friday start to the holiday season is quickly approaching. Shoppers are creating lists, and the National Retail Federation predicts consumer spendin g will be at or slightly above the 2014 season. For retailers, this means there will be greater competition this season and...
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ShoreTel Contact Center Director
October 09, 2015
Written by Matthew Weiner, Contact Center Solutions Architect, East Region
When you set up your ShoreTel Connect Contact Center Chat and Email, there are a number of key things you can do. I’m going to put to rest some myths and give you some important information for your “ditty bag”. Contact Center Chat Chat sessions can use the Contact Center (CC) Interactive Voice...
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ShoreTel Boston Red Sox Baseball
October 05, 2015
Written by Katie Maller, Communications Manager
Boston is passionate about a lot of things, but few of them are as storied as the Boston Red Sox. Soon, Red Sox Nation will find it even easier to connect with the team, thanks to a new ShoreTel phone system that will be fully installed by the start of the 2016 season. The team will field ShoreTel’...
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ShoreTel Contact Center
September 15, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
It’s no surprise that many people hate to get trapped in contact center purgatory. A customer might be having trouble – with a product, billing, warranties, upgrades, or any of a number of other questions that could require expertise from an organization. When this happens, customers may find...
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Customer Support with Unified Communications
August 13, 2015
Written by Katie Maller, Communications Manager
Businesses with outstanding customer service earn more from current customers and have greater success attracting more new customers, according to the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer . Yet, today consumers increasingly feel that companies pay less attention to providing quality...
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May 22, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
More organizations than ever are realizing the benefits of VoIP-based phone systems – whether in the cloud or on-premises system. One of the key benefits of these systems is the integration of customer relationship management (CRM) software, which allows customer representatives, agents, sales...
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