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October 07, 2014
Written by Katie Maller, Communications Manager
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Categories: Market Perspective
August 06, 2012
Written by Dieter Rencken, Senior Product Manager
Virtual servers have become the rule rather than the exception in most IT organizations. So when applications that do not support virtualization need to be deployed, they may stand out as being behind the times, which may also be perceived as a negative. Today's unified communication systems have...
June 06, 2012
Written by Dieter Rencken, Senior Product Manager
World IPv6 Day is today and it will showcase those companies that have enabled their “edge” for IPv6. As IPV6 continues its rollout throughout the world, most businesses are considering what it takes or are already implementing solutions to maintain connectivity with their customers that will...
February 08, 2012
Written by Maura Higgins, Director, Professional Services
Many ShoreTel customers operate informal call centers based on ShoreTel Workgroups. Workgroups are very easy to manage and often completely satisfy all communications and management needs in such environments. At the other end of the spectrum are businesses with sophisticated functional...
Categories: Professional Services
August 01, 2011
Written by ShoreTel, Brilliantly Simple
Could your business be more efficient if communications were integrated into your core business processes, such as sales and customer service? Integrating unified communications (UC) features into business applications can increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage...