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July 01, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
As enterprises increasingly move Unified Communications (UC) to the Cloud, unwarranted access across an untrusted network, such as the public Internet, has jumped to a top concern. A recent IDG Enterprise survey , for example, indicates that CTOs, CIOs and other leaders and managers are now more...
June 30, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
The business world is abuzz with unified communications (UC). Adoption is at an all-time high as organizations are realizing the value of integrating the growing number of avenues of communication. Laptops, cell phones, tablets and even the Apple Watch are being used as communication devices for...
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June 29, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
Businesses are starting to take advantage of the benefits offered by mobile technology, and the use of mobile apps and software has highlighted the need for a Unified Communications (UC) strategy that incorporates these devices to make work easier and more productive for employees and employers...
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June 26, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
In an increasingly connected world, customers are exerting more influence than ever on businesses. With the ability to reach out directly to companies via phone, email, social media and more, customers are actively engaging companies more than ever. This is putting a new emphasis on the customer...
June 24, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking continues to see strong growth, primarily due to numerous business advantages including lower communication costs, increase flexibility, collaboration services and more. The 2015 SIP Trunking report by telecom review website Software Advice verifies this,...
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June 22, 2015
Written by Nate Page, Product Marketing Associate
ShoreTel has a long-standing relationship with the San Francisco Giants, who rely on ShoreTel for their communications needs. Plus, we both share the same colors and the same motivation to be the best in our field. So when ShoreTel gave us tickets to attend a San Francisco Giants game against...
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June 18, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
The cloud is perhaps the great equalizer in technology, making advanced technology easily accessible to even the smallest companies. The number of cloud communications solutions has increased, giving SMBs more options than ever. But not all cloud solutions are created equal. It is important to...
June 17, 2015
Written by Mike Healy, Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
ShoreTel would like to congratulate the Golden State Warriors for winning its first title in forty years. ShoreTel is celebrating this win since the Warriors use our phone system for its front office, contact center and other communication essentials. Whether it be communication between coaches and...
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June 16, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
“Millennials Shy Away from Voicemail” wrote the New York Times about a year ago, citing data from Vonage that shows a sharp decline in customers using voicemail. It led to a spate of articles predicting the outright demise of this once-popular tool. A Washington Post columnist blamed it on the...
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June 15, 2015
Written by Paul Foucher, Senior Manager, Alliances
HP recently wrapped up its annual customer and partner event, HP Discover, held in Las Vegas from June 2-4. More than 10,000 attendees learned about new and updated HP technology and heard the latest about the upcoming split of HP into two companies. Effective November 1 st , HP will become HP Inc...
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