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Three dollar signs
February 15, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
More and more companies are embracing unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) as a means of improving both employee productivity and the customer experience. Given the expanding scope and popularity of UCC solutions, it’s not surprising that within the industry, costs to implement and...
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Categories: Blog, TCO, VoIP Phone Systems
Magician's hand with wand and tophat
January 24, 2017
Written by Frederic Gillant, Vice President & Managing Director of Asia Pacific
Arthur C. Clarke famously said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to communications. Admittedly, it’s taken thousands of years to get to the point where human beings can talk to anyone anywhere on the planet,...
Compare IP Telephony & UCC Vendors And Assess Your Total Cost of Operation
August 11, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
A new white paper takes a fresh look at how businesses should evaluate costs related to IP telephony and unified communications and collaboration (UCC) technologies and, in the process, notes an important change in a standard industry term that goes beyond syntax. “Total Cost of ‘Ownership’ isn’t...
ShoreTel Total Cost of Ownership
July 30, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
When it comes unified communications (UC) , total cost of ownership (TCO) can be crucial when deciding what phone system to select. That’s why ShoreTel is dedicated to delivering the lowest TCO we can. And this effort continues to pay off. ShoreTel remains the market leader in providing UC...
June 04, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
Do more with less. It’s a constant refrain in government where agencies are tasked to improve constituent services in the face of shrinking budgets. Worse yet, many government agencies stick with legacy systems well beyond the average product lifecycle as a means to contain costs. In actuality,...
Categories: Blog, TCO, Customer Experiences
Tags: government
July 08, 2013
Written by Jack McCarthy, Content Manager
Categories: Customer Experiences, TCO
June 21, 2013
Written by Jack McCarthy, Content Manager
A key consideration for IT decision-makers when purchasing an IP Telephony and unified communications solution is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In a new ShoreTel Webinar, “How to Evaluate Total Cost of Ownership for IP Telephony Deployments,” we drill down on the TCO, which goes beyond unit...
Categories: TCO
Tags: aberdeen, webinar


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