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call recording software
September 05, 2017
Written by Mathews Manaloor , President & CEO of TriVium System
Businesses of all sizes and industries have long recognized the benefits of documenting their communication with customers. Demand for call recording is largely driven by the need to provide excellent customer service, satisfy business needs for compliance, enforce best practices, train agents, and...
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image of question mark
May 18, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
​ The best way for companies to keep their customers coming back is to resolve problems on the first contact. More than 80% of consumers who switched from one provider to another because of poor service said they would have stayed if their issue had been addressed on the first try, according to...
social Media icons
April 04, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
When James Lloyd tried to book a flight from New Zealand to England via travel comparison site Skyscanner , he discovered a glitch in his itinerary. Amused, he posted a screenshot and question to the company’s Facebook page: “Just wondering what you’d recommend I do during the 47-year layover your...
Man using cell phone to make online payment
March 29, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
In the Mad Men era (circa 1960), consumer marketing was fairly simple. Spending was primarily on mass media such as broadcast commercials and print ads. If a customer had a question, they’d pick up the phone to call customer service. Today, brands promote their products and services in a media...
Customer service agents with headsets
March 24, 2017
Written by Tim Prugar, Account Executive, Next Caller
Back in July 2016, the Internet was set ablaze by reports that Zappos logged a customer service call that lasted almost 11 hours. While an extreme example, it’s demonstrative of the emphasis that contact centers and contact center leaders are now placing on ensuring a positive customer experience,...
Smiling male customer service agent
March 22, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
It’s time to stop thinking about the contact center as a cost center. As consumer expectations for customer experience rise, the agent’s role is shifting, and as a result your customer service team has the potential to significantly influence customer satisfaction and loyalty. And by delivering...
Happy woman shopping online
March 21, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
It’s not unusual to see conflicting priorities in the C-suite. While elevating the customer experience is a top priority for both the CMO and COO, the CIO must ensure that new technologies desired by line of business managers measure up to security standards and are within budget. In addition, the...
Enterprise Connect logo
March 16, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
Enterprise Connect , the industry’s annual premier conference and exposition on enterprise communications and collaboration, is less than two weeks away and excitement is building! This year’s gathering, scheduled to take place March 27-30 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in...
4 puzzle pieces fitting together
March 02, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
As automated options such as interactive voice response (IVR) and web self-service allow customers to resolve simple issues on their own, expect contact center agents to spend more time on the phone resolving complex issues. Since these interactions won’t be as cut-and-dried as a task like updating...
image of a handshake between two men
January 18, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager, ShoreTel
There’s a simple reason providing customers with exceptional experiences should be a top priority – it consistently leads to more loyal customers and higher revenues. But delivering on the promise of stellar service is challenging, especially as digital technologies raise customer expectations even...


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