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image of a handshake between two men
January 18, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager, ShoreTel
There’s a simple reason providing customers with exceptional experiences should be a top priority – it consistently leads to more loyal customers and higher revenues. But delivering on the promise of stellar service is challenging, especially as digital technologies raise customer expectations even...
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Service Agent with headset using cell phone
January 11, 2017
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager, ShoreTel
As the bar for customer experience rises, does your contact center have the capabilities needed to adapt to changing expectations? In the past, customers simply dialed a number to get help, ask a question or order a product. But as many businesses know all too well, this is no longer true. Today,...
SJS Solutions ShoreTel Guest Blog
November 29, 2016
Written by Stephen Pace, CEO, SJS Solutions
With billions in revenue lost through disengaged agents and the inevitable (and costly) round of re-hires, onboarding and training, agent disengagement is a growing challenge. Can it be solved? Here’s our take on it…. How many agents left your contact center in the last 12 months? The year before...
Physician speaking on phone while looking at computer
November 15, 2016
Written by Marc Davis, Senior Product Manager, Contact Center, Spok
Contact center staff do so much more than field calls in today’s modern hospital. Healthcare contact centers have evolved from siloed call centers to multi-functional communications hubs. They touch virtually every area of the hospital. Their expanded responsibilities, including their vital role in...
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Motivating Agents: How to Make Contests Your New Status Quo
October 27, 2016
Written by Kathleen Kelly, CEO & Chairman, dvsAnalytics, Inc.
Customer contact centers’ roles are paramount in today’s business, often carrying their company’s success on their shoulders. A single customer’s loyalty can lead to 10 times the value of their original purchase, and its ripple effect has a much wider reach with 69% of Americans saying they’d...
Tags: gamification
9 Low-Cost Ways to Keep the Spirit of Customer Service Week Alive in Your Contact Center
October 10, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
Customer Service Week 2016, the annual celebration that recognizes the importance of customer service and the people who deliver it, is a not-so-distant memory now. But if all went as planned, chances are that you and your employees might still be basking in all the good vibes generated by the...
How To Eliminate Wasted Time in the Contact Center
October 06, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
With volumes increasing across all of the contact center’s communications channels, improving agent efficiency and quality will be a high priority for businesses over the next several years. While meeting this challenge may be easier said than done, today’s managers have more options than ever...
Why the Contact Center is Key to Mapping Your Customer's Journey
September 22, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
If you’re looking to improve the customer experience within your business, start by mapping the customer journey. Creating such a map will help you to quickly identify all the interactions – or touch points – your customers experience, along with issues that could ultimately impact loyalty. Since a...
5 Smart Contact Center Strategies Designed to Improve the Customer Experience
August 23, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
In a recent study of more than 300 contact centers from across the globe, Deloitte found that 85% of respondents viewed customer experience as a competitive differentiator, up from 62% in 2013. Accuracy and quality of information, quick access to contact center team members, and first contact...
What Customers Want: 5 Ways Contact Center Solutions Can Help Your Agents Deliver
August 16, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
Poor customer service not only costs companies in terms of goodwill and reputation; it can also do some serious damage to profits. According to the 2015 Customer Rage Survey, about $202 billion in revenue is at risk for U.S. businesses with poor customer service. The Customer Rage studies provide...


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