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Team ShoreTel during the Holidays
December 11, 2015
Written by Jennifer Campbell, HR Manager
With the holiday season in full gear, ShoreTel has gotten into the spirit. This past December 1, known as #GivingTuesday, ShoreTel’s HR and Finance teams gave back to our local community at the Sunnyvale Community Services facility. This is the second year the HR and team volunteered at this...
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Don Joos ShoreTel CEO
December 04, 2015
Written by Anany Yamanaka, HR Coordinator
Being healthy and fit is a company-wide priority at ShoreTel, since having healthy and happy employees often means a healthier and more successful business. This idea of health isn’t just a company-wide priority, but a personal priority for ShoreTel CEO Don Joos . Don encourages a fit and healthy...
Categories: Careers, CEO
ShoreTel India office
November 11, 2015
Written by Jennifer Campbell, HR Manager
It has been a year since ShoreTel had our office inauguration in Bangalore , India where our CEO and CMO helped our local team celebrate a new site for ShoreTel. Since then, we have been steadily growing our workforce, infrastructure, culture and local operations. This past September we sent four...
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ShoreTel Connect at NASDAQ
October 05, 2015
Written by Anany Yamanaka, HR Coordinator
When I joined ShoreTel last July as a new college graduate, I knew that it would be an exciting job. Yet in August, when ShoreTel officially launched Connect, it was more exciting than I anticipated. As part of the launch of ShoreTel Connect , ShoreTel rang the NASDAQ bell in New York City and...
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ShoreTel Employees Get Fit
August 20, 2015
Written by Deborah Baimas, Corporate Recruiter
For the past two months, ShoreTel employees have been hitting the streets and the pool en masse, armed with Fitbits, GCC Pulses and other devices with one sole purpose -- to get fit. As part of the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), we encouraged our employees to make a team of seven co-workers, get...
Categories: Careers
May 29, 2015
Written by Jennifer Campbell, HR Manager
At ShoreTel, we take the health of our employees seriously, which is why we've encouraged our employees to take part in the 100-day Global Corporate Challenge (#GCC). This program further strengthens ShoreTel’s mantra of creating an employee culture of learning and health, thereby empowering our...
Categories: Careers
April 21, 2015
Written by Jennifer Campbell, HR Manager
In early 2014, ShoreTel embarked on a journey to establish a Bangalore office to add to our global presence. ShoreTel targeted Bangalore because we want to continue to source and recruit top technology talent from around the world. Bangalore, which is often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley, is...
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April 09, 2015
Written by Jennifer Campbell, HR Manager
For four consecutive years, ShoreTel sponsored women leaders to attend training related to leadership and empowerment. This past March, a group of 20 leaders from ShoreTel attended the Professional BusinessWomen of California conference. The group consisted of women leaders from a wide variety of...
Categories: Careers
February 18, 2015
Written by Emma McCormack, Marketing Director, APAC
2015-02-Offsite-Team-Building-Indians-1024x768.jpg From L to R: Jamie Romanin, Bonnie Yeung, Indonesian traditional dancer, Bruce Downing, Lesley Rahme, and Frederic Gillant While ShoreTel provides the technology for people to work, collaborate and communicate despite barriers of physical distance...
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January 28, 2015
Written by Jennifer Campbell, HR Manager
On January 17, 2015, ShoreTel rocked Austin, Texas like never before. ShoreTel employees transformed from mild-mannered technology workers to rock musicians as they rocked out in the final round of ShoreTel’s Battle of the Bands learning program for employees. The performance began with Austin’s...
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