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ShoreTel Opens New Office in Melbourne
April 08, 2016
Written by Frederic Gillant, Vice President & Managing Director of Asia Pacific
What an exciting week it’s been for ShoreTel and our partners in the Asia Pacific region. We welcomed our CEO, Don Joos, who travelled to Australia to officially unveil brand new offices in central Melbourne and announce our new cloud-based offering, ShoreTel Hosted Voice . Our team hosted a launch...
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8 Big Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Phone System
April 07, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
Choosing a new phone system is a big decision and you want to get it right. The stakes are high as the wrong choice can stifle your company’s productivity, impede customer service and make a major dent in your bottom line. To make sure you have a thorough understanding of your communications needs...
ShoreTel Expands Offerings in Canada
March 16, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
In yet another example of ShoreTel’s continuing international expansion, the company today announced that it has broadened product offerings in Canada. Many ShoreTel partners in Canada are now offering the full ShoreTel Connect portfolio, enabling Canadian companies to purchase ShoreTel Connect...
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3 Reasons SMBs Like Hybrid Unified Communications
March 03, 2016
Written by Pam Bednarczyk, Content Marketing Manager
Small to mid-sized businesses and enterprises have more in common than one might think. No matter their size, most companies today find themselves in fast-moving, competitive markets with the ongoing need to launch products quickly and maintain high service levels. Without a lot of slack in either...
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ShoreTel Unified Communications, VoIP, IP PBX, Cloud Phones
September 21, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
More businesses are moving to upgrade their legacy phone systems, which in many cases have been in place for decades. Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan says the hosted IP telephony and unified communications and collaboration market has reached mass adoption , and predicts the North American...
VoIP Phone System Security
July 23, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
Early adopters of VoIP business phone systems gave security little thought. But today, with attacks being staged with more frequency against organizations of all sizes and types, IT specialists are updating security practices to protect voice and data transmitted over their networks. It turns out...
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May 19, 2015
Written by Chandler Harris, Content Marketing Manager
The days of the landline telephone are numbered. In their place are softphones, or Voice over IP (VoIP) enabled phones that are usable from a computer. Softphones enable an organization to take advantage of VoIP phone systems that feature enahnced functionality, access to applications and more...
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February 12, 2015
Written by Robert Pleasant, Product Marketing Associate
shutterstock_234157531-300x188.jpg At what point can we say we are living in the future dreamed of in science fiction? Though 2001 may not have been a space odyssey imagined in the older book and film, the years since have seen growth in communication and technology that fiction only dreamed of,...
July 31, 2014
Written by Teney Takahashi, Product Marketing Manager - Competitive Analysis