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millennials in the workplace
September 12, 2017
Written by Frederic Gillant, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific
How can companies attract and retain the next generation to join the global workforce? The importance of meeting the needs of Millennials, or Gen Y, has captured a lot of attention in recent years. But, there is already new demographic on the horizon, with its own dreams and desires - Gen Z ...
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non-profit technology
September 06, 2017
Written by Frederic Gillant, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Just the other day, a friend sent me a link to a TED Talk video that challenged a lot of the pre-conceived community expectations on the way organizations in the non-profit sector should operate. It’s a really powerful treatise on the dangers of non-profits confusing frugality with morality when it...
call recording software
September 05, 2017
Written by Mathews Manaloor , President & CEO of TriVium System
Businesses of all sizes and industries have long recognized the benefits of documenting their communication with customers. Demand for call recording is largely driven by the need to provide excellent customer service, satisfy business needs for compliance, enforce best practices, train agents, and...
asia mobile workforce
August 16, 2017
Written by Frederic Gillant, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific
The world’s mobile workforce is quite literally on the move. According to Strategy Analytics , it will reach 1.75 billion by 2020. Or, to put it another way, by the end of the decade some 42% of the global workforce will be mobile. The recent ShoreTel “Building a Better Meeting” survey paints a...
July 12, 2017
Written by Tim Prugar, Director of Customer Success, Next Caller
The Next Caller origin story hinges on a single customer service mistake – a misspelled last name. Our CEO, Ian Roncoroni, had his name misspelled as “Ron Coroni” on a rental car reservation. He ultimately lost the reservation because the company could not locate the record and ended up missing the...
Three Ways to Protect Customer Privacy While Leveraging Big Data
May 25, 2017
Written by Tim Prugar, Director of Customer Success
​ In this day and age, it is growing increasingly difficult to have an interaction with a brand or product that isn’t in some way driven by data. Big Data drives the advertisements we see, the cabs we hail, and even the prices of flights we take. The dependence on Big Data to drive marketing and...
Illustration of three dinosaurs
April 26, 2017
Written by Frederic Gillant, Vice President & Managing Director APAC, ShoreTel
The daughter of one of my friends asked me an interesting question recently. She said, “What was it like growing up when there wasn’t any technology?” I laughed, but she was serious. I gave her plenty of examples – from lasers to landing on the moon – but it didn’t matter. In her mind, the...
Customer service agents with headsets
March 24, 2017
Written by Tim Prugar, Account Executive, Next Caller
Back in July 2016, the Internet was set ablaze by reports that Zappos logged a customer service call that lasted almost 11 hours. While an extreme example, it’s demonstrative of the emphasis that contact centers and contact center leaders are now placing on ensuring a positive customer experience,...
Group of cyclists in a race
March 07, 2017
Written by Frederic Gillant, Vice President & Managing Director of Asia Pacific
I love cycling – riding as well as watching a skilled road racing team going through its paces. Those guys in the peloton know all about working together. The lead rider powers along for 30 seconds or so, then slips back while the next rider takes his place, and everyone zips along in perfect...
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8 Reasons You Need a Session Border Controller
February 14, 2017
Written by Steven Johnson, President, Ingate
Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are crucial elements of ShoreTel SIP trunking deployments. But what is an SBC anyway, and how is it different from an enterprise SBC? Why is an SBC important? What is an SBC? An SBC is used to provide a secure entry point for unified communications, and to make a...
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