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Anyway You Want It, That’s the Way You Need It

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Aberdeen Group's recent report, That's the Way You Need It: A Guide to Mobile Unified Communications, looks at mobile Unified Communications (UC) in context of the rapidly growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend for mobile devices.

Interestingly, without mobile UC, BYOD can be quite expensive with the additional processing and support costs (averaging an additional $19 per month per device.) However, when paired with mobile UC, which offers several cost-saving benefits, Aberdeen advises that BYOD can be cost-effective.

Also, organizations failing to integrate smartphones into their UC strategy are "missing a clear opportunity to accelerate time-to-action and support synchronous communications" warns the research firm.

With BYOD bringing a variety of mobile platforms that require integration with the existing communications infrastructure, which is typically a mixed vendor/platform environment, Aberdeen recommends a solution that provides multi-vendor support. Not surprisingly, Aberdeen discovered that organizations that successfully managed their communication environments were using multi-vendor solutions. Aberdeen also cautions that without an easy-to-mange solution, IT's ability to innovate and support new technologies is threatened.

According to the research, the three traits of an enterprise-grade mobile solution are:

  1. Productivity-improving
  2. Secure
  3. Easy-to-manage.

The guide also includes questions organizations should ask themselves when evaluating internal and third-party solutions.

That's the Way You Need It: A Guide to Mobile Unified Communications.  

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