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What is ipTTY?

ipTTY is a software application that resides on a user's PC and is designed for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and/or who wish to communicate with customers who use TTY/TDD machines.  The program communicates through IP and uses standard session initiation protocol (SIP).  ipTTY enables virtually every user on your telephony network to communicate with customer TTY machines or the Text Relay Service (TRS), without the need for expensive analog lines or FXS gateways.  Additionally, ipTTY supports audio for hearing and voice carry-over and real-time-text via RFC 4103: the future in real time text communications.


  • Can be configured to act like an answering machine.
  • Speed Dials for quick calling.
  • Dial from recent call list.
  • Conversations can be saved.
  • Accessable interface (edit font size and navigate via Tab key).
  • Supports Hearing and Voice Carry Over.
  • Supports Flashers and Wireless Alerts.
  • Supports Real Time Text (RFC 4103).



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