A premise-based business VoIP system that’s easy to deploy, maintain, and use.

ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform core software can be deployed in a virtualized environment, which gives customers an option to consolidate their on-site servers and leverage a variety of business continuity features offered by virtualization infrastructure vendors. This includes the ability for a back-up virtual server to automatically take over from a failed primary server, or to migrate an actively running virtual machine to another physical server for the purposes of maintenance, without users of the UC system missing a single word while on a phone call or listening to a voice message.

As an additional benefit, deploying the ShoreTel application on virtual machines ensures a smooth upgrade process. Administrators can create snapshots of their system prior to an upgrade and easily revert to a previous configuration should they encounter any issues. 

ShoreTel Communicator, included as part of the ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform on-premise solution, presents end-users with a single, customizable interface to manage communications on their ShoreTel desk phone, computer, mobile device or home telephone. ShoreTel Communicator is supported in diverse virtualized environments including Citrix XenApp and other thin-client environments.

Besides providing a highly reliable solution and supporting a variety of applications, the entire on-premises ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform is managed through a single Web-based interface, ShoreTel Director. When these applications are deployed in a virtualized manner, customers see the ultimate set of benefits: server consolidation and brilliant simplicity of managing the UC solution through a single user interface.

The ShoreTel on-premises business phone system features a unique, self-healing distributed system architecture. It’s easy to deploy using our solid-state appliances or virtualized on your servers. Click to enlarge this image:

Diagram of the ShoreTel IP Phone System Solution

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