Virtualization complements ShoreTel's highly reliable architecture

Every company has unique needs from their communication systems.  ShoreTel provides customers the choice to pick the deployment model that best suits their needs--offering the ultimate flexibility via "mix-and-match" implementation options across a distributed architectural platform. Customers can choose to implement ShoreTel purpose-built appliances, virtualized applications, or a combination of both.

The ability to virtualize key applications complements ShoreTel’s distributed architecture and allows customers to take advantage of virtualized infrastructure benefits, such as server consolidation, increased security, operational flexibility and higher applications availability during planned and unplanned downtime in order to achieve cost savings and business continuity objectives.

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Virtualized Unified Communications Platform

ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform applications , including call control, collaboration, mobility  and system administration, can be installed on industry-standard x86 servers located in a data center or on-premises. These applications are virtualized enhancements of the core software embedded on our signature ShoreTel Voice Switches, ShoreTel Mobility Routers, and ShoreTel Service Appliance hardware.

Unlike other phone system providers that force you to choose to deploy your entire system with either hardware-based or virtual appliances, ShoreTel's unique distributed architecture allows for "mix-and-match" implementation--all managed via a single Web-based interface. Customers who have already invested in ShoreTel solid-state appliances can add new services via virtualization and the integrity of the single-image administration will be maintained. 

Customers can choose to deploy our core UC Platform software virtually, but back-up the solution with physical ShoreTel Voice Switches. Customers who have already invested in data center virtualization but wish to maintain local PSTN connectivity for remote offices can deploy a mixed system: virtualized at headquarters, with ShoreTel Voice Switches in the field.

ShoreTel partners with VMware to deliver the fully virtualized ShoreTel experience including Unified Communications Platform, system administration, Unified Messaging, Enterprise Contact Center, Mobility Router and ShoreTel Collaboration. ShoreTel HQ and DVS servers (providing virtualized instances of our system administration, unified messaging and Enterprise Contact Center applications) are supported with Microsoft’s Hyper-V.


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Virtualized Enterprise Contact Center

Running ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center in a virtual environment benefits customers in many ways. When deployed on a shared hardware resource in a data center, VMware Ready certified Enterprise Contact Center not only provides complete multimedia and outbound capabilities but also ensures high level of application availability, improved operational effectiveness and reduced hardware and energy costs thanks to its efficient use of the VMware platform.

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Virtualized Desktop

ShoreTel Communicator delivers unified communications (UC) to boost users’ productivity and is supported in diverse virtualized environments including Citrix XenApp and other thin-client environments. Using desktop virtualization and leveraging the simplicty of ShoreTel's user applications, customers are able to onboard employees or contractors in short order. It also enhances the overall UC TCO by eliminating client-specific installation and configuration, while cutting application helpdesk support cost due to reduction in application conflicts.

ShoreTel Business VoIP in one word: ease.

ShoreTel's on-premise Unified Communications Platform integrates VoIP, presence, instant messaging, conferencing, unified messaging and other communication capabilities into a seamless environment. While benefiting from the variety of applications, ShoreTel customers manage the entire system via a single Web-based interface. 

ShoreTel Business VoIP in two words: absolute reliability.

The on-premise ShoreTel unified communications (UC) solution is unique in that it is built on a highly reliable distributed architecture designed to protect customers against any downtime. For additional robustness, ShoreTel customers have an option of deploying server components in a virtual environment to take advantage of business continuity features of a virtualized infrastructure: better server utilization, easier administration and higher applications availability during planned and unplanned downtime.

ShoreTel Business VoIP in three words: return on investment.

By deploying an on-premise ShoreTel solution in a virtualized environment, ShoreTel customers reported a significant return of investment due to better server utilization, energy cost savings, smaller footprint, etc. Because ShoreTel server components can co-exist with other non-ShoreTel applications on the same physical server, customers reported savings of 80 percent comparing to other solutions.

ShoreTel Business VoIP in four words: the support you need.

You can count on ShoreTel's obsessive commitment to customer satisfaction whenever you need it. Independent surveys, industry awards, and carefully monitored feedback from customers confirm it: our business VoIP phone solution sets the standard.

Kudos from some very important people.

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"From the start, one of our requirements for a PBX was that it could be virtualized. While other vendors supported it, their requirements were such that it was consuming an entire physical server host for the virtual operating system. The constraints simply weren’t feasible for the virtual environment. The benefit ShoreTel brought was the ability to completely virtualize the PBX management servers and not have to invest in server hardware initially or on a recurring basis when the maintenance schedule elapsed. This resulted in less hardware, less maintenance, and lower costs."

Corey Fling, Director Network Services & Telecommunications, Point Loma Nazarene University

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First Security Bank - ShoreTel Success - IP Telephony

"The tools we use to communicate with customers are crucial to our success. Deploying ShoreTel on our VMware platform has provided us numerous benefits including dynamic resource allocation. ShoreTel’s support for virtualization enables us to manage all of our headquarters and remove branches from a single console, resulting in savings upwards of 80 percent. It has made for a significantly short ROI.”"

Brody Walker, Vice President, IT manager at First Security Bank

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