A collaboration approach that makes teams more self-reliant and productive

In today's anytime-anywhere workplace, putting powerful business communication and collaboration tools in the hands of the workforce is essential to staying competitive. Easy to deploy, and intuitive to use, ShoreTel Collaboration leverages the power and flexibility of our brilliantly simple business VoIP phone system to deliver full-featured collaboration tools – including instant messaging, audio conferencing and desktop sharing.

ShoreTel Collaboration enables teams to engage and to share with a single click, without help from IT, and on the devices of their choice – PCs, Macs, or Apple iOS devices. ShoreTel Collaboration takes the hassle out of bringing teams together, and puts the focus on true creative sharing.

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Easy to deploy and ready to go.

Because ShoreTel's conferencing and collaboration software is integrated within the ShoreTel Service Appliance, deploying ShoreTel Conferencing is as simple as adding the appliance to the VoIP network. The ShoreTel system automatically recognizes it, and configures it. Full conferencing and collaboration services are available within minutes. ShoreTel Communicator delivers the solution’s built-in capabilities to PC users by adding a single button to their application, making desktop sharing available in one click.

Integrates seamlessly with existing applications.

Tight integration with popular business applications such as Microsoft Outlook gives users an equally streamlined experience. Pressing the “Conference” button in the Outlook ribbon transforms a mere calendar appointment into a multimedia work session, automatically creating dial-in and web sharing information. And whether reviewing a spreadsheet or following a presentation, external participants can view the shared desktop over the web without needing to download additional applications or installing plug-ins. ShoreTel Mobility integrates with Apple iOS and Google calendar applications, enabling a full voice and collaboration sharing session at the touch of a button.

Multi-device support for maximum flexibility.

ShoreTel Conferencing delivers rich collaboration capabilities to end users on the device of their choice – whether PCs or Macs. What is more, ShoreTel Mobility supports ShoreTel Conferencing on all Apple iOS devices. Users simply download the ShoreTel Conferencing for iOS application from the Apple App Store to enjoy the solution's collaboration capabilities. Tablet users can easily follow presentations and view spreadsheets and other documents on the shared desktop.

Frees IT staff for mission-critical projects.

Unlike other collaboration solutions, which can create heavy support burdens on IT staff, ShoreTel's integrated collaboration tools are intuitive to master, and require no complicated software downloads for participants. With users self-reliant in scheduling, managing, and participating in their audio conferences and online sharing sessions, IT pros are freed up to focus on more strategic, business-building projects.

ShoreTel conferencing & collaboration in one word: ease.

Supporting both PCs and Macs, ShoreTel's intuitive collaboration tools were designed to be used without the need for training, manuals, or support from IT. ShoreTel Communicator delivers the solution's built-in collaboration capabilities to PC users by adding a single button in their application. Just one touch turns a voice call into a full collaboration experience on the shared desktop.

ShoreTel conferencing & collaboration in two words: application integration.

Tight integration with popular business applications such as Microsoft Outlook gives users an equally seamless experience. Pressing the “Conference” button in the Outlook ribbon automatically creates dial-in and collaboration information for the session. Internal and external participants can join in easily, with no bridge numbers to keep track of, and no complicated software downloads. With ShoreTel Mobility, users with calendar appointments on Apple iOS and Google Android devices are able to establish voice and collaboration sessions at the touch of a button.

ShoreTel conferencing & collaboration in three words: at-will collaboration.

ShoreTel supports better outcomes by enabling team members to work together at will, without help from IT, and on the devices of their choice – whether PCs, Macs, or Apple iOS devices. By taking the hassle out of getting everyone on the same page, ShoreTel makes way for more meaningful collaboration and a richer exchange of ideas.

ShoreTel conferencing & collaboration in four words: less demand on IT.

Deploying the solution is as simple as connecting the ShoreTel Collaboration Service Appliance to the VoIP network. The system handles the rest, making collaboration capabilities available to users in minutes. Without extra assistance, or even manuals, users can set up and participate in their collaboration sessions, freeing IT pros to focus on more strategic projects.

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"We are definitely saving money by not paying for a third-party solution for our conferencing, plus we are seeing other benefits as well. We can now hold internal conferences. For example, if mechanical and electrical team members need to collaborate, they can quickly and easily create a conference call right from their Microsoft Outlook calendar."

- Troy Kuskie, IT Manager, The RMH Group

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"Employees love the ad hoc aspects and say the ShoreTel conferencing is really easy to use. They dial an extension and a short number to initiate, compared to longer dialing requirements of the old system."

- Glenn Rogers, CIO, Girl Scouts of Northern California

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