Our Hosted VoIP PBX Phone System Makes Cloud Phone Service Simple

More and more businesses are embracing hosted cloud delivery for critical services like email, storage and enterprise management tools. With SaaS (Software as a Service), the application vendor  takes responsiblity for owning, configuring and managing the service, not your IT department.

ShoreTel's cloud business phone system, ShoreTel Sky (currently available in the U.S.), goes beyond traditional IP PBX and delivers an end-to-end hosted phone experience that customers love. It's the ideal communication platform for companies that need intelligent call routing, contact center capabilities, mobility and business process integration—but want to outsource system maintenance and management.

With business VoIP delivered by ShoreTel Sky, there's no capital investment for system hardware and no concern about future upgrades. Your phone system is always the most up-to-date because it is delivered via the Internet from our fully redundant Network Operations Center. You can be confident that your phones are "future-proof," too, because ShoreTel Sky is a complete end-to-end solution, from our ShoreTel IP 400 Phones, to the ShoreTel-developed service applications, to our world-class service and support.

The solution is backed by dedicated teams of cloud telephony experts who manage the entire experience—from an organization’s move to the cloud, to ongoing upgrades and maintenance, to support for users. You'll enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies going with a proven, reliable, and trusted industry leader.

ShoreTel Sky hosted VoIP and cloud unified communications services are ideal for organizations seeking a secure, managed business phone system that requires no capital investment. And within the U.S., ShoreTel Sky can deliver applications as a service to ShoreTel on-premises phone systems via ShoreTel Connect, a hybrid cloud service delivery gateway that lets system administrators access cloud applications seamlessly via a portal in ShoreTel Director.

Want to know more about ShoreTel Sky? Download the Solution Brief.

Curious about data security and business continuity when using cloud-based business phone services?  Download our whitepaper, Staying Secure in the Cloud.

Wondering about adding cloud applications to your current ShoreTel on-premises phone system?  Learn about ShoreTel Connect.


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Leader in hosted VoIP and cloud UC

ShoreTel Sky is our hosted VoIP, unified communications and contact center solutions. Since 2000, it has grown to serve the needs of organizations of all sizes and types, across a variety of industries.

End-to-end means better performance and reliability

ShoreTel Sky is ShoreTel-designed IP phones, ShoreTel-developed applications, and ShoreTel world-class customer service.  No third-party devices means the phones are always seamlessly integrated with the applications, and our service teams have intimate knowledge of all components for superior support in the future.

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One expert telephony team handles it all

ShoreTel's Cloud Division doesn’t simply offer hosted phone systems; we manage it, and the entire customer experience, from the move to the cloud, to round-the-clock maintenance, to the support needs of users. And because we replace both the old phone system and the telco provider, there’s never any confusion about who’s responsible for what. The answer is: we are.

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Hosted VoIP that integrates easily

ShoreTel's cloud communications help organizations make the most of their data – and of every interaction – by offering built-in integration with leading CRM, ERP, and applicant-tracking software. What is more, an API gives businesses the power to integrate their processes and homegrown applications with ease.

ShoreTel Sky Hosted VoIP and UC in one word: ease

Our cloud-based business phone system with unified communications frees valuable resources by moving an organization’s phone solution from the closet to the cloud. The task of maintaining it goes off-site to a dedicated telephony team. Hosted VoIP replaces a constellation of providers with just one vendor, one monthly invoice, and one source for service and support.

ShoreTel Sky Hosted VoIP and UC in two words: reliable, secure

ShoreTel Sky Call Conductor software, developed in-house, forms the heart of the cloud communications solution. It is engineered to be the most reliable hosted communication platform on the market. No mere claim, this is a commitment we support by making public – in real time – our network performance.

Curious about data security and business continuity when using cloud-based business phone services?  Download our whitepaper, Staying Secure in the Cloud.

ShoreTel Sky Hosted VoIP and UC in three words: scales on demand

Our hosted VoIP with cloud unified communications is based on a subscription. So scaling the solution to an organization’s changing needs is no problem. With ShoreTel’s hosted VoIP services with UC, there are no capacity limits, nor penalties for growth. And because updates to the system are automatic and ongoing, there’s no need to allocate time or money to future upgrades.

ShoreTel Sky Hosted VoIP and UC in four words: built-in cost control

In addition to the inherent scalability and flexibility of hosted VoIP solutions, another profitable advantage is the low capital investment required. In fact, with ShoreTel Sky’s fully hosted VoIP solution with unified communications, organizations have a predictable expense – paid to one vendor – each month.

Kudos from some very important people.

ShoreTel unified communications and IP telephony - ProTravel Logo

"We are a travel company, not a phone company. Phones are what ShoreTel Sky does and they do it better than anyone else out there. I feel like we hired a phone department instead of a vendor. "

Lou Moran,

Chief Technology Officer, Protravel International Inc.

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"It used to take six weeks and an assigned PM to coordinate several departments in moving an office. Sometimes an office would move just a couple of blocks and we had to change a long-held phone number. With ShoreTel Sky, that will never be an issue again. "

Larry Bolick,

CIO, Aquent Staffing

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ShoreTel unified communications and IP telephony - John Carris Investments logo

"With ShoreTel Sky, you get the latest technology without investing more dollars. "

Samuel A. Litt,

Director of Information Technology, John Carris Investments

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