Improving patient care starts with improving the phone system

Today’s consumers have many choices when selecting healthcare providers, and they have high expectations of their overall health care experience. How can hospitals, physician practices and extended care providers differentiate themselves in a competitive market?

Pro-active, service-focused communications are mission critical. Hospitals and healthcare providers can’t risk jeopardizing patient care with outdated phone systems. And the right communications platform can streamline clinical workflows, maximize business revenue, and reduce operational overhead, increasing the health of the healthcare facility.

Precision tools for transforming healthcare communications

ShoreTel offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare phone system solutions available today--from enterprise contact centers spanning multiple locations, to mobility solutions that connect care teams via smartphones and tablets, to fully hosted subscription phone services in the cloud. That’s why nearly 1,000 hospitals, physician practices and extended care providers utilize ShoreTel for their healthcare phone system needs.
When ShoreTel is your hospital or physician practice phone provider, you’ll be able to connect multi-disciplinary teams via instant messaging, web video collaboration and “one-click” conference calling.  You’ll have automated call routing, queuing and messaging options that easily accommodates variable hours, staffing and call volume levels. You can offer callers self-service options that give them the answers they need, faster, and utilize intelligent out-bound call automation to make post-care surveys easy to administer.

Rx for mission-critical collaboration

Here’s why hospitals, doctor’s offices and extended care providers trust the health of their operations to a ShoreTel phone system:

  • Enhance client engagement: ShoreTel Contact Center solutions automate appointment reminder calls and coordinates post-discharge patient services more efficiently. With ShoreTel solutions, patient perceptions of care can be measured and HCAHPS scores improved.  
  • Enable staff mobility: Dispersed care teams teams stay agile and connected with ease from their  PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Teams can access their clinical applications as well as our collaboration tools from a single device.  And healthcare facilities can maximize investments in Wi-Fi networks and mobile access devices.
  • Improve care coordination:  Frustrating communication delays disappear with ShoreTel phone systems for hospitals, doctor’s offices and extended care facilities. Teams can quickly assess staff availability and optimal contact method. When workflows require repetitive tasks, users appreciate the one-number reach, one-button dialing, and single join key for conferencing with others.
  • Enhance your facility  web portal: Improve patient satisfaction by adding a “call me now” feature --patients receive assistance when it is most convenient for them via the contact medium of their choice: e-mail, voice call, or web chat.
  • Manage multi-sites with ease: Manage acquisition-related phone system expansions with ease. Phased roll-outs integrate with pre-existing telephony systems, and you can mix-and-match equipment or locations while administering your entire system with a single browser-based management interface.
  • Leverage the cloud:  For distributed clinics that are best aligned for unified communications as-a-service (UCaaS), ShoreTel’s hosted cloud-based phone service for hosptials and healthcare facilities ensures that you always have the latest system capabilities—without the need for on-site hardware or technical staff support. ShoreTel Sky offers the highest quality  redundant network operations center and HIPAA compliant data center to assure service continuity and security.

Supporting both patient and hospital health

When patient care and satisfaction are at stake, healthcare providers can’t afford miscommunication. Whether you chose a ShoreTel on-premises or hosted IP phone solution, we keep financials healthy by reducing communication waste, improving patient engagement and offering the most-effective unified communications solutions available today.