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From advanced unified communications applications such as Call Recorder, Emergency Notification, and Call Router, to business system integrations, such as, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and ACT!, our team helps merge voice communications into the core data infrastructure of your enterprise. Whether you are a Mac team or a Microsoft Windows shop, we have an extensive set of applications to help you integrate your business environment with your communications system.

Here's a brief sample of the 3rd party applications we most often integrate with our customers' phone systems

Check out our complete ShoreTel Advanced Applications Catalog to see how we can take your business apps to the next level.

Custom phone and application integration services

If our pre-packaged applications cannot address your unique business requirements, consider exploring custom applications with ShoreTel Professional Services. ShoreTel Professional Services is a team of experienced software developers who can work directly with you for your specific need. Based on our extensive experiences, we bring to bear not only relevant knowledge but also software component reuses to help drive down cost for the custom solutions you need. We have an excellent track record in custom application development. Reference customers can be provided if needed. 

Custom software engagement process

Discovery Phase: ShoreTel resellers or customers engage directly with our software developer to thoroughly understand a customer’s business process goals and specific integration requirements. See the ShoreTel CRM Application Integration Discovery Questionnaire. If the prospective project involves technology from a third party, this early process will include joint discussions and brainstorming to craft the most useful set of features and most efficient design based on the capabilities of the involved systems.

Definition Phase: Based on the discovery discussions, we will provide a high-level proposal outlining implementation alternatives and associated development effort and price scopes. The customer will be able to confirm general direction and their willingness to invest as needed.

Approval Phase: A final, detailed SOW with the project scope, software design and testing methodology, a firm price quote and the delivery schedule will be presented for customer approval.

Customer Support: After delivery, ShoreTel developers stay directly involved during software installation and validation within the customer’s environment. ShoreTel Professional Services stands ready to address any subsequently revealed issues or questions in a timely manner.

To contact the ShoreTel Professional Services team directly call +1 800-425-9385 x3331 or email

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