ShoreTel Core Software for Unified Communications and IP Telephony

ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform core software

ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform core software delivers the tools that form your business communication system, including voice routing, automated attendant, advanced telephony features, unified messaging, call accounting and reporting, and powerful workgroup routing capabilities.

Standard with every installation, these essential communication capabilities are fully integrated and ready to use from a variety of intuitive interfaces—from the IP phone to ShoreTel Communicator.

Intelligence is distributed over a unique and modular architecture so IT staff can manage the system from anywhere on the network. The built-in administration software, ShoreTel Director, offers complete visibility into the system, which looks and behaves like a single, unified platform, and scales and grows with plug-and-play simplicity across as many sites, or countries, as needed.

ShoreTel provides customers the choice to pick the implementation model that best suits their needs, offering ultimate flexibility via "mix-and-match" deployment options across our modular platform architecture.  Customers can deploy our core software on ShoreTel purpose-built, solid-state appliances, or virtually on industry-standard servers, or combine both ShoreTel hardware and virtualized applications for "mix-and-match" delivery within the same system.

ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform core software comprises a comprehensive range of powerful features that come standard and fully integrated.

Voice routing

Reliable IP telephony delivered wherever and however you require. An essential set of telephony features connects individuals or groups of people when and as needed while the built-in least-cost routing helps you manage your communications costs.

Unified Messaging services

ShoreTel Core Software includes a powerful voice message system including user-configurable call handling options, find-me routing, and much more. The unified messaging system can be accessed visually from ShoreTel Communicator or from the user’s Outlook inbox.


A simple check-box incorporates users into the system's integrated auto-attendant. Callers that reach the auto-attendant can easily select a destination based on your custom configuration, or search the directory by name.

Communicator services

This built-in suite of versatile, real-time client tools puts flexible features, telephony and IM control, and collaboration services at users' fingertips.

Integrated conferencing and instant messaging

In one easy-to-use interface, ShoreTel Conferencing unifies Web conferencing, audio conferencing, desktop/application sharing, instant messaging (IM), online presentations, and multimedia recording. The system's simplified management and exceptional reliability reduce costs and let organizations manage collaborative activities in-house. These services can be distributed across the system to provide a seamless experience for users regardless of their location.


An easy-to-configure call center solution with call routing, announcements, scheduling, and basic reporting in a simple package designed to help informal groups become more efficient. Flexible service options can be set up in just seconds.

Call accounting

ShoreTel System Software automatically keeps records of all the calls in the system. This allows you to produce reports, analyze traffic, and effectively manage the use of the system. With the system's optional account codes feature, calls can be tracked to the project level enabling you to bill back for services.

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