Benefits of cloud-based VoIP seen worldwide

12 PM on October 22, 2012

Posted By: Tricia Stream

Businesses from all over the world are seeing the benefits of VoIP.
Businesses from all over the world are seeing the benefits of VoIP.

A recently released Infonetics market outlook estimated the VoIP market will reach $377 billion by 2016, underscoring that many businesses are adopting the communication technology. The demand for VoIP tools stretches across the globe, as companies all around the world are taking advantage of the enhanced communication and lower cost-of-ownership that comes with VoIP.

Two news sources in Africa recently reported on the benefits of VoIP, specifically cloud-based solutions. George Golding wrote for IT News Africa about how IP solutions offer enterprises reliable, clear communication service at a lower cost than traditional phones. The scalability of VoIP, as well as the many features of unified communication systems, are also making the service increasingly attractive for companies.

Also, because of the accelerated rate at which VoIP technology is advancing, businesses have many options to choose from with regard to VoIP solutions. For instance, cloud-based VoIP tools can provide more features than a wired telephony system, Golding wrote. Cloud-based, or hosted, solutions offer flexibility, allowing organizations to deploy the communication features they want. It also allows organizations to add more features in the future if needed and does not place a burden on the IT department.

The low cost of cloud solutions was another highlight Golding touched on in the IT News Africa article. The cloud gives smaller businesses access to "high-end features" as well as the chance to upgrade for little-to-no cost. Golding said this may be a smart solution for businesses with a changing workforce or those with numerous office locations.

On-site communication solutions can also be beneficial, Golding wrote, and businesses will have to assess their needs to find the best VoIP provider. One question for organizations to ask when making this decision is "What are my long-term communication needs that I should consider?" the article stated. Determining if an enterprise wants its own IT department to manage a communication system, or whether it would rather have a hosted solution in which the provider is responsible for maintenance, will have to be another consideration.

In an article for Business Day Live, Rob Lith also wrote about the benefits of VoIP and the importance of choosing the best provider to fit a business's needs. Experienced VoIP providers will offer quality assurance and monitor the communication solution to ensure it is operating effectively, which includes preventing and remedying issues.

Cloud VoIP and unified communications from ShoreTel Sky can provide companies peace of mind from knowing that they have a trusted solution managed by a provider able to scale the system to meet business demands and ensure its features are operating up to a high standard.