Industry News - 2014

Dec 09 Small Businesses Increasingly Adopting VoIP Solutions
Dec 09 Sales of Smartwatches Expected To Boom In 2015
Dec 09 SIP Phone Service Begets UC
December 2014
Dec 09 Millennial Tendencies Should Drive Workplace Tech Decisions
Dec 09 Lull Of Progress During Holidays Can Be Avoided With VoIP
Dec 04 UC, VoIP Should Embrace BYOD
Dec 03 Unified Communications Provide Enterprises with Productivity Benefits
Dec 03 Mobile VoIP More Important Than Ever
Dec 03 Collaboration Comes First In User Experience
Dec 02 Mobile UC Is On The Rise
Dec 02 3 Predictions For BYOD In 2015
Dec 02 Winter Is Coming: Include Communications in Your Disaster Recovery Plan
Dec 02 Faxing An Important Aspect Of UC
Dec 02 Hybrid UC Enables Best Of Both Worlds
Dec 01 Enterprises Moving Communications to the Cloud More Frequently, Study Finds
Nov 25 Unified Communications Becoming Global Phenomenon
November 2014
Nov 25 VoIP, UC Markets Showing Growth in Third Quarter
Nov 24 Hosted VoIP Has Arrived
Nov 20 VoIP Opens The Door For UC
Nov 20 Businesses Experience Competitive Advantage With Cloud Communications
Nov 17 BYOD Programs Supporting Tablets Provide Companies With Increased Benefits
Nov 17 Covering All Bases Possible With UC
Nov 17 Resellers Must Overcome Cloud UC Aversion
Nov 13 Businesses Experience Many Benefits With Cloud Communications
Nov 11 Potential For Enterprise Wearables Growing
Nov 11 SIP Trunking Good For More Than Just VoIP
Nov 11 Mobile UC Becoming More Common, Valuable
Nov 07 Answering Emails Is An Enterprise Productivity Drain, But UC Can Help
Nov 07 More Companies Obtaining VoIP Through SIP Phone Service
Nov 06 Unified Communications Has Proven Its Worth
Nov 06 Utilizing UC Has Never Been Easier
Nov 06 New options for business telephone service in the cloud
Nov 06 UC Can Help Employees Achieve Work Life Balance And Stay Efficient
Nov 03 Unified Communications: A Great Asset To Healthcare
Oct 31 Working with the UC is easier than it looks
October 2014
Oct 31 Using UC may be the next big breakthrough your business needs
Oct 31 Channel Partners Must Adapt To Changing Networks
Oct 31 Telehealth Demands Unified Communications
Oct 31 More Companies Than Ever Adopting Cloud Services
Oct 29 SIP Trunking Is A UC Stepping Stone
Oct 28 VoIP Deployment Requires Planning, Consideration
Oct 24 Understanding When To Use UC Is Mission Critical
Oct 22 Communication Infrastructures Must Be Modernized
Oct 22 Moving to cloud UC is an easy upgrade
Oct 20 Mobility Helps Drive Growth
Oct 17 Utilizing UC for modern businesses
Oct 17 SIP Trunking Helps Unlock Modern Potential
Oct 16 Tailoring UC To A Company Can Maximize ROI
Oct 14 UC Can Be an Essential Part of any Move
Oct 14 Need For Mobility Driving UC Developments
Oct 14 Finding A Business IP Phone System Can Be Easy
Oct 09 No Two UC Deployments Are The Same
Oct 07 Cloud VoIP Is A Modern Requirement
Oct 07 Cloud UC Must Underscore Collaboration
Oct 01 Mobility A Growing Need For Enterprise Communications
Sep 30 Cloud Advancements Redefining Enterprise Communications, Part 2
September 2014
Sep 30 Multichannel Cloud Contact Centers Are Modern Requirements
Sep 29 Cloud Advancements Redefining Enterprise Communications, Part 1
Sep 25 Unified Communications Systems Can Help In A Variety of Ways
Sep 23 Demanding The Best In UC
Sep 22 Resellers Must Be In-Tune With Customer Needs
Sep 17 Virtual Workforce Expecting Significant Growth
Sep 12 Unified Communications Require Consideration
Sep 11 Knowing how to migrate to unified communications is as important as switching
Sep 10 Employees Need Modern, Mobile Support
Sep 08 Contact centers and VoIP
Aug 29 Making the Unified Communications Transition the Right Way Isn't Difficult
August 2014
Aug 29 How Contact Centers Can Foster Customer Satisfaction
Aug 29 What Are The Advantages Of Unified Communication?
Aug 29 How Can Unified Communications Systems Really Improve Your Business?
Aug 28 Meeting Needs of New Workers As Simple As Adopting Unified Communications
Aug 13 More Employees Interested In Working Remotely
Aug 07 UC Strategies Must Embrace Mobile Employees
Aug 07 Why Telecom Resellers Need To Adapt
Aug 07 Remote Collaboration Increasing In Frequency
Aug 07 Resellers Need To Price, Support Competitively
Aug 07 Cloud Communications Doesn't Have To Mean System Replacement
Aug 06 Travel Industry: The Perfect UC Candidate
Aug 05 UC Virtualization Prepares For Primetime
Aug 01 Communication And Collaboration Are Modern Equivalents
Aug 01 The Best VoIP Solutions Are Different For Every Company
Aug 01 2 Additional UC Features Less-Frequently Considered
Aug 01 Cloud Communications Becomes Marketing Status Quo
July 31 Video Capabilities More Widely Required
July 2014
July 31 Telecom Resellers Must Adapt To Change
July 30 Modern Employees Require Digital Support
July 30 Unified Communications Brings Different Working Styles Together
July 30 Unified Communications Save Businesses Money
July 30 Video Helps Support Modern Workforce
July 25 VoIP Systems Are Ideal For Disaster Recovery
July 22 Companies Should Be Cloud-First For Communications
July 15 Integrated Communications In The Contact Center More Important Than Ever
July 03 Social Media Increasingly Seen As Contact Center Essential
July 01 Non-Profit Sector Enabled By Cloud Communications
June 30 Remote Workforces Become Important To Enable
June 2014
June 30 Cloud UC Deployments Satisfy Variety Of Working Styles: Part Two
June 30 Cloud UC Deployments Satisfy A Variety Of Working Styles: Part One
June 23 Unified Communications Starts With VoIP
June 20 Obtaining Unified Communication Through SIP Phone Service
June 20 Improved Collaboration Should Be Endgame For UC Initiatives
June 20 Not All UC Deployments Are The Same
June 17 Cloud Contact Center Popularity Increases
June 16 Cloud Communications Are An Investment, Not A Cost
June 13 Multichannel Contact Centers Are Essential
June 12 Cloud Communications Assist In Business Continuity
June 11 Enterprise Communications Cannot Rely On Consumer-Grade Solutions
June 11 Hosted VoIP Is The Way To Go
June 09 Remote Workforce Must Be Embraced
June 09 Cloud UC Deployments Require Consideration
June 05 Wearable Tech Will First Gain Steam In Enterprise
June 02 Unified Communications Taking Off As Asset For Modern Workers
May 2014
May 30 Video Increasingly Moving To Cloud
May 29 Understanding The Difference Between VoIP and Unified Communications
May 27 VoIP Systems Viable, But Need Security
May 22 Unified Communications Allow Nonprofits To Be Seen And Heard
May 22 Cloud VoIP Flexible For Telecommuters
May 20 Cloud Communications Naturally Provide Disaster Recovery
May 19 Mobile Collaboration Defines Modern Workforce
May 16 Social Media Increasingly Essential As Telecom Channel
May 15 Unified Communications Increases Enterprise Visibility
May 13 Top Three UC Platform Necessities
May 13 Top Five Ways To Save Money With VoIP
May 13 VoIP Telephone Service Helps Put Customers First
May 13 UC Critical In Disaster Communications
May 12 Remote Workforces Need To Be Enabled With Video
May 09 Contact Center Strategies Need To Adapt To Modern Times
May 09 Security Tantamount To Effective Unified Communications
May 07 How To Fix Common Business Problems With VoIP Telephone Service
May 06 Cloud Communications Broaden The Talent Pool
May 05 VoIP Creates Options For Endpoints
May 01 Businesses See Longevity in VoIP
May 01 Study Finds Work Flexibility Creates More Engaged Employees
April 2014
Apr 29 Empowering Employees With Video Conferencing
Apr 28 Moving Away From An Email-centric Office With UC
Apr 25 4 Best Reasons To Switch From PBX to VoIP
Apr 24 Top Three Reasons To Use VoIP In Your Office
Apr 22 Telecommuting, UC on the rise
Apr 22 Unified Communications Tailor-Made For The Travel Industry
Apr 21 Healthcare Embraces UC To Better Serve Patients
Apr 21 Modern Organizations Need More Unified Collaboration
Apr 21 VoIP Service Obvious Successor To Crumbling Landline Networks
Apr 18 Using VoIP To Meet Full Workforce Potential
Apr 17 Flexibility Of VoIP Caters To All Types Of Employees
Apr 17 VoIP and Unified Communications Market Continues to Grow
Apr 17 Unified Communications Growing Increasingly Important For Healthcare
Apr 15 VoIP Systems Enable Small Businesses To Grow
Apr 11 Contact center capabilities easily unlocked with unified communications
Apr 10 VoIP Is Essential To Unified Communications
Apr 09 Social Media Is A Unified Communications Channel
Apr 08 Unified Communications Allows Stay-At-Home Parents To Be Employed, Engaged
Apr 07 Unified Communications Brings Introverts, Extroverts Together
Apr 05 Customer Engagement Increasingly Reliant On New Technologies
Apr 04 VoIP System Security Imperative
Apr 02 VoIP Integration Should Be A Top Priority
Apr 01 Adaption To Unified Communications Technology Imperative
March 2014
Mar 28 BYOD And Unified Communications Can Co-Exist Peacefully
Mar 28 Cloud VoIP Proving To Be Increasingly Beneficial
Mar 27 Video Conferencing In UC is Changing Business Dynamics
Mar 26 Mobile Video Should Be Considered In Unified Communications
Mar 24 Social Media Has Critical Lessons For Unified Communications
Mar 24 Consumerization Of IT Fueling Unified Communications Growth
Mar 19 2 Kinds Of Applications That Can Be Leveraged With VoIP IP Telephony
Mar 18 VoIP Service: A Stepping Stone Towards Engaging The Millennial Workforce
Mar 17 Rapid Changes To Business World No Excuse For Enterprise VoIP Shortcuts
Mar 16 Unified Communications, IP PBX Systems Are Pillars Of BYOD
Mar 16 Landline Telephones Are Out - Unified Communications Are In
Mar 13 Mobile UC Potential Easy To Capitalize On
Mar 11 Hosted Phone Systems Enable Businesses To Focus Efforts Elsewhere
Mar 10 Networks Must Be Upgraded To Handle Impending VoIP Phone Services Transition
Mar 07 3 Surprising Reasons Why CFOs Should Love VoIP
Mar 06 Understanding The Differences In PBX Phone Systems
Mar 06 Security Must Be Considered For Business VoIP Phone Systems
Feb 28 VoIP Telephony And The Cloud A Perfect Match
February 2014
Feb 28 2 VoIP Features That Increase Availability
Feb 27 Mobile Voice Through VoIP Could Be The Future Of Telecom
Feb 25 IP PBX Essential For CRM Integration
Feb 24 VoIP IP Telephony Continues To Experience Worldwide Popularity
Feb 24 Business Continuity, Mobile Workforce Enhanced With VoIP Hosted PBX
Feb 21 PBX Systems Streamline Business Communications
Feb 20 The History Of PBX Phone Systems
Feb 18 Hosted PBX Service Enables Advanced Collaboration
Feb 18 Best Realized Through Unified Communications
Feb 13 Cloud Unified Communications Facilitate Business Continuity
Feb 12 Satisfaction With Customer Service Suffered In 2013
Feb 11 Organizations Must Be Responsive To Changing Workplace Definition
Feb 11 VoIP Allows Advanced Telecom Customization
Feb 07 Top 3 Benefits of a CRM Phone Integration
Feb 06 BYOD Has Changed The Face Of Business Communications
Feb 05 It Is Time To Upgrade To Hosted UC
Feb 04 Road To Unified Communications Full Of New Considerations
Feb 03 Internet Of Things To Require Advanced Business Data Integration Tools
January 2014
Jan 31 Voice Over Internet Quickly Becoming New Standard
Jan 30 Collaboration A Key Pillar Of Unified Communication
Jan 29 Unified Communications Market Booming
Jan 28 Mobile UC Considerations Must Be Made For BYOD
Jan 27 Bring Your Own Device Enables Business Mobile, Acceptance On The Rise
Jan 25 Cloud-Based Collaboration Solutions Becoming More Critical Than Ever
Jan 23 Ignoring BYOD Can Be Disastrous To Mobile UC
Jan 22 Unified Communications Require Collaboration, Cooperation In Contact Centers
Jan 20 BYOD Balance Essential For Mobile UC Initiatives
Jan 17 Wearable Devices The Next Step For BYOD, Unified Communications
Jan 16 Dispelling The Myths Against VoIP Service
Jan 14 Cloud Unified Communications Have Arrived
Jan 10 Texting Becoming More Important For Unified Communications
Jan 09 3 Benefits Of VoIP Services
Jan 08 Enhance Remote Workforce Capabilities With Mobile Business Applications
Jan 08 Cloud UC Must Be Compatible With BYOD Policies
Jan 07 API Adoption Growing Businesses
Jan 06 Unified Communications Market Growing, Video Gaining Popularity
Jan 03 Businesses Must Get Serious About BYOD In 2014
Jan 02 Inclusion Of Texting In Unified Communications Begets Efficiency